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Moonstone Medical Aesthetics – Lighting Partner

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It’s officially the month of Halloween and nothing is SCARIER than a surgeon with poor lighting!!  Our friends at Moonstone Medical Aesthetics prefer using Sunnex Lighting for their procedures.

Moonstone Medical Aesthetics is a full service medical spa in Vancouver, WA.  The spa customizes their services based on each customer’s unique chemistry, genetics, environment, and lifestyle.  Their services correct fine lines and wrinkles, body contouring, volume loss, laser treatments, bioidentical hormones, vitality and libido, supplements, aesthetic services, as well as, skin care products. Click HERE to learn more about this full service medical spa.

Sunnex Lights has enjoyed partnering with Moonstone Medical Aesthetics.  Click HERE to learn more about Sunnex Medical, as well as, HERE to view the Leo Minor lighting solution found within their full service medical spa.

For the month of October we are offering 10% off every Leo Minor order received by 10/31. Don’t be left in the dark!!

What lighting challenges do you currently face in your Medical facility?


NCVC – North Carolina Veterinary Conference; November 1-2, 2019

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Sunnex Lighting will be exhibiting at the NCVC (North Carolina Veterinary Conference) November 1st – 2nd, 2019 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Stop by Booth #106 to see our Celestial Star™ LED, TriStar™ LED, Leo MinorR LED and one of our LS Series lights for Veterinarians.  The following link can be used for tradeshow registration:

In the meantime visit our veterinary page, to learn more about our lighting for the pet industry.

NCVC: For Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, & other Paraprofessionals.

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Why Attend North Carolina Veterinary Conference 2019? 

The NCVC offers AAVSB RACE approved programs for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Tracks include small animal, equine, ruminant, practice management, public practice, animal welfare and swine medicine. You can also choose to attend the diversity in veterinary medicine track, or topics for technicians specializing in small or large animal. NCVC is approved by the AAVSB RACE to offer a total of 123.00 CE Credits (23.00 max) being available to any one veterinarian: and/or 141.50 Veterinary Technician CE Credits (23.00 max).

HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service – Lighting Partner

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HousePaws is a modern veterinary house call service founded by Dr. Lisa Aumiller.  The concept originated after Dr. Aumiller realized that working in a traditional veterinary office was no longer fulfilling her passion for veterinary medicine.  The business began in her minivan during 2010 as Dr. Lisa’s Mobile Veterinary Service. Word quickly spread in the South Jersey area about this new concept and the business grew. Due to increased demand, more veterinarians were hired resulting in their name changing in 2012 to HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service.

To supplement the many services that can be offered on house calls, the practice also offers in-hospital appointments with diagnostic, treatment and surgical facilities in modern, well-appointed veterinary hospitals.

“Much of what we do in practice can and is done on the road in the homes of our patients. Some things, like surgery, dentistry and some radiology procedures still require clinical facilities. Some of our patients prefer to come to the hospital for a variety of reasons,” says Dr. Lisa Aumiller.

In 2013, HousePaws opened their first brick and mortar hospital in Mount Laurel, NJ.

Click HERE to learn more about HousePaws and their locations.

Sunnex Lights has enjoyed partnering with Dr. Aumiller’s Veterinary Practice.  Sunnex provides the latest technology in LED and Halogen Lighting allowing us to serve all aspects of the Veterinary market. We offer multiple lighting solutions for the typical Veterinary Office. Our products range from the Lab & Diagnostic work rooms to Wet areas such as the Dental and Grooming Stations.

Click HERE to learn more about Sunnex Medical, as well as, the following Veterinary Lighting solutions: (Celestial Star, Tri-Star, Leo Minor, PF Series, and Solo Spot).

What challenges do you currently face in your Veterinary practice?



RV Blogging Referral

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Mark S. Nemeth, an RV blogger has a referral for Sunnex Lights in his February blog which can be found HERE.

You can view the following referral under the “Lighting” header.

“Most RVs use simple incandescent light fixtures. These work fairly well, but draw quite a bit of current per bulb. The most common bulbs used are 1073 or 1141 automotive bulbs and they draw about 1.5 amps apiece. Many RVs can benefit from the installation of additional lighting, to help brighten up dark areas or illuminate work areas. In some cases, the existing light fixtures can be moved around or exchanged to provide lighting that better suits your needs. Incandescent fixtures are inexpensive and can be found in any RV supply store or catalog. Although they are inexpensive, when adding new lighting, it is worthwhile to consider alternatives to those standard incandescent fixtures. 

Fluorescent lights are excellent for producing large amounts of light for less current. Sunray and Thinlite both make high quality 12 Volt fluorescent lights in a variety of sizes and configurations. These make great kitchen and workspace lighting. They are a little pricey, at $30 – $40 a piece, but work well and last a long time. Avoid those really inexpensive fluorescent fixtures found in some automotive catalogs… they produce rather bluish light and tend to use up tubes at an alarming rate.

For more efficient use of power, consider adding halogen lamps where possible. These fixtures deliver excellent white light for reading or detail work and use about 1/2 the power of standard incandescent lamps. I’m particularly fond of the lamps that Sunnex offers. I have one near the bed for reading and one by my recliner. Sunnex has a web site and an online catalog. Stop by www.sunnex.com for a look. These fixtures are well-constructed and are flexible to allow them to be adjusted easily for best effect. Click HERE for a picture of a Sunnex lamp.” – Mark S. Nemeth



Sunnex Lights Partners with First Responders

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Sunnex Lights offers an impressive product range of task lights. Our lighting options include LED, Halogen, Magnifiers, as well as, various Custom options. Our task lights can be used on large machinery (reading lights, focused task lights for industrial applications, point lighting, assembly work, laboratories and office lighting), marine ships (engine rooms, navigation bridges and marinas), various vehicles (military, transit, emergency and commercial) and much more.

The Sunnex Lighting team is thankful and appreciative for all of our First Responders.


Mountain Vet Conference, Cherokee – 2019 Recap

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Trade Show Review

Members of Sunnex Lighting recently returned from attending Mountain Vet Conference in Cherokee, NC from April 7th – 9th.  We caught up with existing customers, met a number of great customers right off the bat, and were able to meet a wide range of potential customers.  The Sunnex Team was able to showcase some of our Veterinary lighting options (the Celestial StarTri-Star and Leo Minor).

Some of our lighting solutions are still being offered at a special “Show Discount” while supplies last.  We also have a few Demonstrator lights that have acquired a few minor cosmetic blemishes being offered at a discount (which come with a full warranty).

Hope to see you at the next show!


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Mountain Veterinary Conference; April 7-9, 2019

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The Sunnex Lighting team is adding another tradeshow to our plate….the Mountain Veterinary Conference in Cherokee, NC.  The following link can be used for registration:

Our team would love to schedule time with you in our booth during the Mountain Veterinary Conference (April 7th – 9th).  Reply back to Info@Sunnex.com if interested in scheduling booth time during this show to discuss your Lighting needs.


Why attend Mountain Veterinary Conference 2019?

The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board now requires 2 hours of CE on controlled substance abuse in the 2019 calendar year for 2020 license renewals for all veterinarians and technicians.  Joseph Jordan, PhD, CEO, NC Physicians Health Program, NC Veterinary Health Program will provide a 2 hour CE session on “Recognizing and Dealing with Substance Abuse in the Workplace” on Wednesday, April 10 at the Mountain Veterinary Conference.” – Mountain Veterinary Conference website

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VMX – World’s Leading Veterinary Conference

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Sunnex Lighting will be exhibiting at the VMX (Veterinary Meeting & Expo) January 20-23, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. Stop by Booth #2019 to see our Celestial Star™ LED, TriStar™ LED, Leo MinorR LED and SoloSpot™ LED lights for Veterinarians.  In the meantime visit our veterinary page, to learn more about our lighting for the pet industry.

VMX: Veterinary Meeting & Expo, formerly the NAVC Conference, presents top-tier veterinary CE from world-renowned presenters.
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DID YOU KNOW: Rob Lowe, Brooke Shields and Brandon McMillan will be at the VMX show!

The North American Veterinary Community – website

The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) is a nonprofit organization that provides world-class continuing professional development and support services for the global veterinary healthcare community.

Support Team Testimonial Shout Out

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Sunnex Lighting just received the following testimonial on the Sunnex team’s level of customer support and guidance:

“For over 15 years we have used Sunnex lights in our dermatology exam rooms.   The reliability and illumination is excellent.  Recently, we ordered a new LED light (Celestial Star) and incurred some problems with installation.   The folks in the home office in Charlotte, NC could not have been more helpful in resolving the issues.   Jim Van Dusen from sales, the engineer and office staff (Wendy and Michelle) held my hand and directed me to be able to assemble and reassemble the light.  When it came to repairs, Sunnex was more than fair and went the extra mile or miles (CA to NC and back).  Personally, I would highly recommend them and plan to continue business with them.”

-Paul Rehder MD [Dermatology Medical Group of Oxnard and Camarillo]