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Monthly Discounts

How Can We Assist You?

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Sunnex Lights is currently open and ready to serve your needs.  We offer a great selection of Medical and Task Lighting options spanning across the following categories:

Click to learn more about our Medical and/or Task lighting products.

Contact Sunnex Lights at 1-800-445-7869 Or Info@Sunnex.com to find out what discounts we are offering this month.  Tell us you read our “How Can We Assist You” Blog Post for more details.  Don’t miss out on this deal…code expires on 6/30!

A grouping of Medical and Task lights.

March – Spring Has Sprung

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Happy March!!  Spring officially begins this month and Spring Cleaning should be on everyone’s mind.

Sunnex Lighting wants to encourage you to check your lighting equipment and make sure everything is functioning properly.  Are your casters working properly?  Are your counterweights functioning? Is your head lamp fixed in a comfortable position?  Let us know if you need new Lighting equipment.

6 Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning:

  • Clean Room-By-Room.
  • Organize and Clear the Clutter.
  • Get Others Involved.
  • Keep Cleaning Products to a Minimum.
  • Establish New Cleaning Habits.
(steps provided by: https://www.thespruce.com/spring-cleaning-a-complete-checklist-1900106)

Sunnex Lights wants you to properly tackle your Spring Cleaning this month.  Click to learn more about our Medical and/or Task lighting products.

Contact us at Info@Sunnex.com to find out what discount we are offering for March/April.  Tell us you read our “March – Spring Has Sprung” Blog Post for more details.  Don’t miss out on this deal…code expires on 4/1!!

Task Lighting Options:

  1. LED Task Lighting  (LS Series, SL 1, SL 3, SL 6, SL 9, Lumius)
  2. Halogen Task Lighting  (HM Series, HS Series, and HF Series)
  3. Magnifier Lamp  (RLM Series)
  4. Custom Lighting  (IP 65, Marine Lighting, Map Lighting, and Vehicle Lighting)

Share a photo of your favorite room to clean this Spring to be entered into a raffle to win a $25 Visa gift card.

  • Email: Info@Sunnex.com
  • Subject Line: March – Spring Has Sprung Blog Post

February – Dental Hygiene

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Happy February!!  The holiday sweets are a thing of the past and this New Year is a month old.

Valentine’s Day candy is right around the corner. With all the tempting food at your disposal Sunnex Lighting does NOT want you neglecting your teeth.  How are you going to eat that delicious food without your teeth?

What does Sunnex Lighting have to do with the Dentist? Our team supports the dental community by offering two dental lights of our own, the Solo Spot and Leo Minor (see below for more details).

Importance of Good Dental Hygiene:

  • Helps prevent gum disease.
  • Helps prevent tooth decay.
  • Helps prevent bad breath.
  • Helps you keep your teeth as you age.

Ways to Improve Dental Hygiene:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Floss daily.
  • Use mouthwash.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Visit the dentist regularly.
(facts provided by: http://allparenting.com/my-life/articles/969379/20-thanksgiving-fun-facts-to-teach-kids)

Sunnex Lights wants you to remember dental health throughout the year but especially this month.  Click to learn more about our Medical and/or Task lighting products.

For the month of February we are offering 10% off all Dental Light orders received by 2/29. Don’t miss out on this deal!!

Dental Lighting Options:

  1. Solo Spot – offers unparalleled intensity with up to 4000 footcandles of illumination. Ideal for any task that requires intense spot lighting including dental examinations and surgery.
  2. Leo Minor – features a unique patented optical solutions that produces a uniform and homogenous light pattern with excellent shadow dilution and control. When you combine these features with daylight-like color rendering and color temperature, the end result is a light that is perfect the dental industry.

January – MRI Dissection

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This month we are focusing on MRI procedures.  What happens during a procedure?  How is Sunnex Lighting involved?

What Happens During a Procedure?

  • The MRI machine looks like a long narrow tube with two open ends. The patient lies down on a movable table that slides into the opening of the tube. A technologist monitors the patient from another room.
  • The MRI machine creates a strong magnetic field around the patient, and radio waves are directed at the patients’ body. The magnetic field or radio waves cannot be felt, and there are no moving parts around the patient.
  • During the MRI scan, the internal part of the magnet produces repetitive tapping, thumping and other noises. The patient might be given earplugs or have music playing to help block the noise.
  • In some cases, a contrast material, typically gadolinium, will be injected through an intravenous (IV) line into a vein in the patient’s hand or arm. The contrast material enhances certain details.
  • An MRI can last anywhere from 15 minutes to more than an hour. The patient must hold still because movement can blur the resulting images.

How Is Sunnex Lighting Involved?

  • Due to MRI machines using powerful magnets, the presence of metal in the exam room can be a safety hazard if attracted to the magnet. Metal objects can distort the MRI image even if not attracted to the magnet.
  • Sunnex Lighting supports two MRI Compatible lighting options:
    • Both the Celestial Star MRI and PF Series MRI versions support 30ft cords extending from their transformers which position the lights outside of the magnetic field for safe use.
    • Both models are made of MRI compatible materials and are approved by both GE and Siemens for use with their MRI solutions.

Celestial Star MRI Features:

  • Unlimited flexibility and reach – offering head-to-toe coverage in surgery.
  • Virtually maintenance-free design with no hidden components.
  • Unique counter-balance offers drift-free performance.
  • Space-saving design.

PF Series MRI Features:

  • Powerful, 50-watt halogen light source.
  • Adjustable jointed arm for easy positioning.
  • Mobile caster base with easy-glide wheels.
  • Weighted base for added stability.

Click to learn more about our Medical and/or Task lighting products.

For the entire month of January we are offering 10% off any MRI light configuration. Don’t miss out on this deal!

Have you experienced an MRI procedure before?  Send us an email at Info@Sunnex.com.

December – The Importance of Holiday Lighting

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It’s officially December – the most popular month for Lighting.  Everyone wants & needs them.

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Lighting Company:

Partnering with Sunnex Medical Lights will significantly reduce your workload during this holiday season.

(facts provided by: https://www.mygreenimpressions.com/blog/bid/240131/5-reasons-to-hire-a-professional-holiday-lighting-company)


Sunnex Lights wants to wish you and your family a safe and happy Holiday season.  Click to learn more about our Medical and/or Task lighting products.

For the month of December we are offering 10% off any Celestial Star configuration order received by 12/30. Don’t miss out on this deal!!


We would love to see your holiday lights. Email us a picture of your lighting to Info@Sunnex.com

Happy November – Count Your Blessings

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Happy November 1st!!  It’s officially the month of Thanksgiving and now is the time to appreciate everything positive in our lives.

Interesting Thanksgiving Facts:

  • How did the tradition of watching football on Thanksgiving start?
    • The NFL started the Thanksgiving Classic games in 1920 and since then the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys have hosted games on Thanksgiving Day. In 2006, a third game was added with different teams hosting.
  • When did the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade begin?
    • In 1924 it began with 400 employees marching from Convent Ave to 145th street in New York City. No large balloons were at this parade, as it featured only live animals from Central Park Zoo.
  • Has Thanksgiving always been the fourth Thursday in November?
    • President Abe Lincoln said Thanksgiving would be the fourth Thursday in November, but in 1939 President Roosevelt moved it up a week hoping it would help the shopping season during the Depression era. It never caught on and it was changed back two years later.
  • Was Thanksgiving always meant to be a Feast?
    • No, it was almost a fast.  The early settlers gave thanks by praying and abstaining from food, which is what they planned on doing to celebrate their first harvest, that is, until the Wampanoag Indians joined them and turned their fast into a three-day feast.
(facts provided by: http://allparenting.com/my-life/articles/969379/20-thanksgiving-fun-facts-to-teach-kids)


Sunnex Lights wants to wish you and your family a safe and happy Thanksgiving season.  Click to learn more about our Medical and/or Task lighting products.

For the month of November we are offering FREE Domestic Shipping on all Celestial Star, Tri-Star, and Leo Minor LED orders received by 11/30. Don’t miss out on this deal!!


What are you currently Thankful for?

Moonstone Medical Aesthetics – Lighting Partner

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It’s officially the month of Halloween and nothing is SCARIER than a surgeon with poor lighting!!  Our friends at Moonstone Medical Aesthetics prefer using Sunnex Lighting for their procedures.

Moonstone Medical Aesthetics is a full service medical spa in Vancouver, WA.  The spa customizes their services based on each customer’s unique chemistry, genetics, environment, and lifestyle.  Their services correct fine lines and wrinkles, body contouring, volume loss, laser treatments, bioidentical hormones, vitality and libido, supplements, aesthetic services, as well as, skin care products. Click HERE to learn more about this full service medical spa.

Sunnex Lights has enjoyed partnering with Moonstone Medical Aesthetics.  Click HERE to learn more about Sunnex Medical, as well as, HERE to view the Leo Minor lighting solution found within their full service medical spa.

For the month of October we are offering 10% off every Leo Minor order received by 10/31. Don’t be left in the dark!!

What lighting challenges do you currently face in your Medical facility?